Distinctives and Certifications

4 febrero, 2016,  

Hygienic Food Management program – H: Distinction granted by the Ministry of Tourism, supported by the Ministry of Health, to fixed foods and beverages establishments to comply with the Hygiene and Quality standards established by Mexican Normativity.

Moderniza Quality Program – M: Recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism to the Tourism Enterprises which have successfully implemented the Quality Program Moderniza. It accredits the adoption of the best practices and awards the distinction as a Model Tourism Company.

Clean Point: The Ministry of Tourism grants this label to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of the tourism sector with the intention to protect the health of customers, employees and communities.

Marca Chiapas: Recognition granted by Chiapas State Government, supported by the Ministry of Economy, to enterprises which maintain high quality standards in the goods and services they provide.

Boutique Hotels: Term used to describe a collection of hotels with unique settings -and not necessarily the same- with upscale accommodations. They are being created to provide new and different experiences and exotic amenities to the clients, according to what each destiny has to offer.

Environmental Enterprise Change: Recognition awarded by CAE A.C. which promotes the integration of a culture of environmental awareness within the companies.

National Quality Award: Prize which recognizes organizations which stand out regarding their good […]management, innovation, competitiveness and sustainability, and act as a model and inspiration for Mexican enterprises and institutions on their way towards excellence.

Chaine des Rotisseurs: International Association of Gastronomy founded in Paris in 1950, based on the long tradition of a French Royal Brotherhood devoted to promoting gastronomic values and the fine art of table-setting. The distinctive goal and aspiration of Chaine des Rotisseurs is to bring together professionals, from all over the world, whether they are hoteliers, restaurateurs, executive chefs or sommeliers, in the appreciation of fine cuisine surrounded by an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship.

Award for Entrepreneurial Merit for Best Restaurant: The highest recognition conferred by CANIRAC, for 24 years now, to legal entities or individuals, members of the restaurant industry who have contributed, researched, innovated or promoted the culinary art, hygienic operation of their establishments, excellence in the services and high quality on the food they provide.

5 Star-Diamond Award: Granted by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences based in New York, it is one of the most important prizes awarded for high quality in the hotel and restaurant industry worldwide.

Tourism Excellence Award (D.F): Award granted by the Government of Mexico City in recognition of the use of a good administrative management system, good practices in business, good manufacture and hygiene practices and a good supply and logistics management system.

(AAA) Diamond: Distinction granted by the American Automobile Association to restaurants and hotels in EE.UU, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. AAA Diamond Award guarantees that the establishments provide the highest level of luxury, service and quality standards possible.

Great Host Award: Recognition granted by the Government of Guanajuato to the enterprises using effective leading policies and practices and customer service, through four specific strategies: Business Definition, deployment, alignment of resources, and plan implementation. Thus, increasing the number of visitors, economic income and entrepreneurism.

Destination Wedding Specialist: Certification issued to travel agents and advisors who plan and manage weddings, honeymoons and romantic getaways for their customers.

Restaurant Excellency: Recognition conferred by TripAdvisor which is conferred to the most highly valued enterprises by users of that website after holding, for at least 6 months, a minimum grade of 4 of 5 or higher. User opinions and the recentness of their postings are taken into account.

TT (Touristic – Tequila): Recognition granted to the enterprises which are in compliance with the “Good Practices of the Tequila Route”. The Guide for the Good Practices for Sustainable and Quality Tourism in the Tequila Route is a guide which considers the fundamental criteria to become a sustainable and high quality tourist destination.

Virtuous: Distinctive conferred to agencies specialized in designing exclusive travel itineraries offering customers top services and unique experiences. 

Five Star Diamond Award: This award is the most prestigious recognition of the excellence, in hospitality, gastronomy, attitude, cleanness, and outstanding service that an establishment provide for its customers.

Environmental Tourist Quality: Recognition granted by the PROFEPA to the enterprises which have succeeded in lowering the negative impact towards the environment.

SITE: Certification granted to establishments which offer unique world-travelling experiences based on motivation and incentives.

Italian Hospitality: It is conferred to restaurants which are focused on preserving and praising Italian traditional agro food, the true Italian gastronomic tradition, and the perception of Italian restaurants abroad. Besides, this award guarantees compliance with the Italian Hospitality standards.

Hydro-Sustainable Hotel: Distinction granted to hotels which are far concerned about the environment so they have implemented programs to reduce water usage.

Small Luxury Hotels: Certification issued to small luxury hotels which provide an outstanding service. Not only are they unique in their settings but they also ensure a high quality standard.

Mesas Poblanas: Recognition granted to a selection of a group of restaurants from the city of Puebla which offer an exquisite gastronomic experience based on Mexico´s and Puebla´s cuisine. They are characterized by high quality standards, professionalism in customer service, concern for details and celebrated identity.

World Heritage Alliance: Certification conferred to enterprises which have the initiative to promote tourism in places considered as World Heritage sites and in other sustainable communities which contribute to the preservation and conservation of nature and historical sites in addition to poverty reduction.

Socially Responsible Enterprise: Annual recognition granted by CEMEFI (The Mexican Center of Philanthropy) and AliaRSE. Such a distinction not only improves the reputation of the brand and adds profitability to the business but also proves to the employees, investors, clients, authorities and society in general the enterprise´s solid practices, in terms of a clean and socially responsible management culture and business strategy.

Quality Circle:  This label is conferred to the enterprises committed to maintain high quality standards customer service. Moreover, it is an effective tool which contributes to differentiate their services from those of their competitors and to make a follow up of their processes.  

Earth Check Silver Certified: To achieve this certification, the enterprises are required to have a sustainable policy in place. This simple but practical tool is suited for tourism operators which desire to implement an environmental and socially responsible action plan.

Rain Forest Alliance: Recognition granted to hotels, tourism operators and other tourism enterprises whose environmental, social and economic policies and practices have been demonstrated to be improved.

Premium Yucatán: Recognition granted to an exclusive group of haciendas, boutique hotels and tour operators in Yucatán, Mexico. They are specialized in providing personalized attention to the tourists who seek for exclusivity and excellence in every aspect of their trip. This group is formed by establishments which offer an extraordinary experience for the tourist, a great atmosphere with Mexican touch, authenticity, comfort, quietness, sophistication and luxury; they like to reinvent Yucatan´s cuisine to delight your senses with all the highlights of that State.